Girl In The Lake

I am pleased to start using my blog to show you some of the behind the scenes moments from my shoots: These images were taken in March just after the ice had melted on the lake. It was pretty cold and we had planned to take some photographs using a beautiful wooden cott lent to us by ‘Smugglers Cove’ in Salmon Arm. I was working with Jaclyn Tanemura (my partner for wedding photography) and Krystal had kindly agreed to model for us.

We also had some muscle on hand in the shape of both of our husbands. They did the work of carrying the cott and setting it up on stones in the lake so that it wouldn’t sink in the mud during our long exposures.

Untitled photo

We had planned to shoot just before sunset in the hope of capturing some sunset colour but it didn’t look promising and the sky was mostly overcast. We set Krystal up on the bed and played with some different poses - capturing this one of her sitting looking into the water.

Untitled photo

Amazingly some pink began to creep into the sky and we were spoilt by one of the deepest sunset colours I’ve seen in a long time. We switched to shooting long exposures and needed to put Krystal into a position that she could hold as we were shooting exposures with her in at up to 122 seconds.

Untitled photo

Needless to say she got pretty cold pretty fast so after two shots we needed to get her into the warm. This image of the bench by itself was at the hight of the sunset colour and was a 195 second exposure. 

We had some fun behind the scenes moments including Jaclyn’s husband shaking water from Krystal’s boot!

Untitled photo

Finally an iphone pic of the overall set-up with both mine and Jaclyn’s cameras on tripod with remote cable releases. We took all our litter home :)

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