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Originally from the UK and a resident of BC, Canada since 2007, I am heavily influenced by the beautiful environment that surrounds me.

I have a background in fine art and anthropology. This combined with my love of the natural world brings a unique perspective to my photography: My ethos is to tread lightly; observe and search out the subtle visual story within whichever photographic genre I am working.

My work covers the fields of landscape, portrait, wedding, event, promotion, editorial, stock and photography education; allowing me to stay creative and excited about the projects I undertake.

Select collaborations include: Nikon Canada, Lowepro, BCSPCA, Lee Filters, Purina, Vichy Canada, Gnarbox, Klymit, Telus, Heatholders and The National Trust (the largest conservation charity in the UK).

I have been published by numerous media outlets around the globe online and in print, including the BBC, CBC, N Photo Magazine, Outdoor Photography, Practical Photography, Photo Life, Canadian Geographic, Vogue Italia and the cover of Digital Photo. I am a freelance writer for PHOTO News magazine and I was a regular contributor to Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine.

I am proud to be a Nikon Canada Ambassador, Kase Global Ambassador and Lowepro Global Ambassador.

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