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I offer photography workshops for individuals or small groups. Each workshop is unique; tailored to help you learn new skills or hone existing ones in whichever aspect of photography you would like to progress in.

Past workshops have included; camera basics, long exposure landscapes, sunrise and sunsets, photographing people in landscapes, pet photography, professional wedding photography and post production techniques. Workshops can last from an hour or two over a coffee, to several days out in the field. Get in touch to find out how we can work together to build a workshop that suits you.

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January  12 2019

The Digital Darkroom: Taking Your Image To The Next Level

Cost: $195 + GST

Join Jaclyn Tanemura and myself in this intensive 4-hour workshop, where we explore techniques to help you achieve your artistic vision with your photography editing.

* It is recommended (but not required) to bring a laptop with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom already installed to reap the full benefits of this class.

* We will be teaching this course using Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Lightroom CC.

The Digital Darkroom

October 13 2018

Outdoor Photography Canada Magazine. Canadian Workshop Series: From Concept to Execution

Cost: $229 + GST

Join Kelly Funk and myself as we discuss the creative process involved in the production of landscape, environmental portrait and natural light portraits. Move from classroom to hands on tuition in the field.

From Concept to Execution

Kelly Funk-WORKSHOP Salmon Arm 2018.indd

September 12-17 2018

Canadian Rockies Fall Workshop

Cost: $2295

We are excited to share the most majestic and colourful time of the year in the Canadian Rockies with you. We will have colourful sunrises and sunsets, beautiful golden larch and aspen trees. We will be shooting some night photography and have our fingers crossed for Northern Lights!

This will be an intimate workshop with a limited number of participants and either two or three instructors/leaders depending on the group size. It is open to all levels of ability. ​ Instructors: Viktoria Haack, Dani Lefrançois, Jaclyn Tanemura

Click here for more information!

Canadian Rockies - Fall 2018 Workshop

January 23-25 2018

Canadian Rockies - 'Bubbles & Ice'

Cost: $1149

Join us for a winter workshop in the beautiful Canadian Rockies. We are excited to share some amazing locations with you: Frozen waterfalls, creeks, fantastic mountain views and of course  the now famous Abraham Lake with it's frozen methane bubbles suspended in the ice! 

This will be an intimate workshop with a limited number of participants and either two or three instructors/leaders depending on the group size. It is open to all levels of ability.

Please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to receive more information about the workshop or click here!

Bubbles & Ice

September 15-17th 2017

Assiniboine Lodge

Join us for the golden larch season at Mount Assiniboine Provincial Park. We will be accessing this amazing backcountry via helicopter and staying at the beautiful Assiniboine Lodge. Click here for more information!

Assiniboine Lodge

July 7-10th 2017

Berg Lake

We will be helicoptering into  beautiful Berg Lake and Mount Robson! Whilst there we will camp and explore the area before hiking the 23km back out to civilization! Click here for more information.

Berg Lake

July 21-24th 2017

Tonquin Valley

Explore the back country of Jasper National Park with us. We will reach the majestic Tonquin Valley by horseback and stay at a rustic back country lodge. Click here for more information!

Tonquin Valley

September 1-5th 2017

Kyuquot Sound Adventure

Join us at the beautiful Rugged Point Lodge on the NW coast of Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.  We will be exploring isolated and wild coastlines as well as amazing rainforests. There will also be the opportunity to photograph sea lions, whales and other marine life. Click here for more information!

Kyuquot Sound

January 23-27th 2017

Winter Rockies - Abraham Lake

This Rockies adventure will take you to Abraham Lake and it's now famous ice bubbles. We will be shooting sunrises in Banff and Jasper as well as exploring frozen waterfalls, river canyons and ice caves. There is also the option to add on a half day's post processing workshop at the end of the tour. Click here for more information.

Winter Rockies - Abraham Lake

July 16-20th 2016

Tonquin Valley Adventure

This 5 day adventure will take us to the beautiful and all inclusive Tonquin Valley Backcountry Lodge via horseback. Click here for more information.

Tonquin Valley

July 6-8th 2016

Mount Assiniboine Adventure

We will be flying by helicopter into beautiful Mount Assiniboine National Park and spending 3 days at the all inclusive Assiniboine Lodge. Click here for more information.

Mount Assiniboine

August 10-14th 2016

Lake O'Hara Adventure

This 5 day, 4 night adventure will take us into the pristine wilderness of Lake O'Hara area with it's exquisite lakes and hanging valleys. Click here for more information.

Lake O'Hara

September 18-21st 2016

Women in the backcountry - Mount Assiniboine

This women specific photography workshop is based in the beautiful wilderness area of Mount Assiniboine National Park. We will fly in and out by helicopter!. Click here for more information.

Mount Assiniboine

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